Branches are connect by node structures. Mind maps work similarly to brainstorming as a means of finding inspirationbut are more structur. Method – – With the – – method – also known as – – brainwriting – ideas are express and written down by the participantssimilar to the creativity techniques describ above . The following regulations are recommend: participants write down ideas at the same time on their own piece of paperwhich is then pass on to the neighbor in one direction. Each participant develops the ideas receiv in this way with their own thoughts and then passes this sheet on again in the same direction. These operations are perform a total of timesso.

he basic idea of ​​the headstand method

Each original sheet with ideas is further develop by other people. The result is sheets with individual ideas each. The focus here is on developing and Finland Phone Number List refining initial ideas within a team and thereby gaining new ideas. headstand method also the method of asking the reverse question – is to approach an initial problem in the opposite direction.   increasthe first question to  answer is how Collecting answers to this reverse question may make it easier to come up with ideas for the actual problem at hand. Walt Disney method The participants in the Walt Disney Method take on three different roles together in order to increase creativity and solve an initial problem: In the role of a dreamer ideas can  spun uninhibitlywithout taking.

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Feasibility and feasibility into account. As a realistall ideas rais are then subject to a critical examination. Feasibility and resources are now thrown into the KY Lists balance. Finallythe role of the critic worries about the opportunities and risks that arise when implementing the respective idea. The Walt Disney method can  us with little effortespecially for fundamental decisions and strategic orientations. hats system The hats system also follows the basic idea of ​​the role-playing game. Different color hats are put on symbolicallyeach representing a special perspective: The creative : treads exclusively and unhinder new paths that have not yet en trodden. The Analyst : Facts are collect free of emotions and prejudices. The Emotional.

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