Inquiries while negative network reputation can cause lasting damage to revenue potential. For example Harvard Business School found that each additional positive star rating in a restaurant results in a % to % increase in sales.  leave reviews on Google Google My Business should of particular importance for service companies. % of all search queries in Germany are carri out via Google. The problem of negative ratings on company profiles lies on the one hand in their enormous range on the other hand in the careless implementation due to the technical circumstances. Anyone can sign up for Gmail and post a review The ratings are check.

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Sporadically but most of the time they are releas without ing check. The personal data provid in the evaluation is not check. If you have  create several Kazakhstan Phone Number List Google accounts and submit multiple negative reviews for a company. reviews and who has to rat The possibility of company valuation is protect by freom of expressionArt. GG. Thus every natural person is not only technically able but also legally authoriz to value companies. Doctors companies and the self-employ must allow themselves to evaluat in equal measure as the BGH decid in a landmark judgmentBGH Spickmich judgment.

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Of June and judgment of Septemr – VI ZR / . Protecting the company’s own online reputation can prove difficult through legal channels since bad ratings are KY Lists also fundamentally protect by freom of expression. When can a review delet Google is well aware of the potential for abuse of the rating function. The company has establish strict guidelines for admissibility of a review. An internal review process selects ratings bas on their admissibility. Google’s goal is to deliver the st possible user experience . This also applies.

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