Workshops the DIM is one of the st in Germany. Our ucation department has en recogniz by STERN for the second time and we have even en able to improve further compar to the previous year . This time we receiv awards in three categories . second place among the st distance learning schools in Germany. In this category our institute also receiv a special award for its e-learning offer . This illustrates how well the German Institute for Marketing is digitally position to enable online training especially during the corona pandemic.

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In addition the German Institute for Marketing was able to convince in the category professional training Here our offer occupies third place in Ireland Phone Number List Germany.  ratings in both categories and receiv the highest rating of stars in each case . methodology of the study From May to June users of further training courses were ask about their experience with the further training courses. This ensur that the impressions during the Corona shutdown were also includ in the evaluation. Last year’s survey was also includ in this year’s results with a low weighting. In each category the participants were able to rate providers whose websites and apps were us most frequently in the last months. In addition the participants were able.

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To name and assess other providers who are active in Germany. The assessment dimensions are as follows:of the learning material preparation KY Lists of the learning content service and support learning effect | weighting: % Value for money | weighting: % Satisfaction/Recommendation | weighting % In addition the respondents had the opportunity to indicate their satisfaction with the provider’s e-learning campus if they us it. We are pleas to rank among the top providers of distance learning and professional development for the second year in a row. We are also pleas that we can also meet the learning nes of our customers digitally. 

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