Proposition of a product compar to the competition can contribute to a significant customer benefit and thus lead to a real competitive advantage. In terms of quality the benefit for the customer can be justifi by the fact that a product is  comparable products available on the market. The product has high quality and as a result it has a longer service life than others. A product can also convince with a very high level of user-friendliness additional functions or an extraordinarily long guarantee. Furthermore an image of a brand.

Qualitatively better than other

Uxury goodscan give the buyer a positive feeling and support him in the purchase decision. In the case of pricing a cheaper offer can also increase customer benefit if this is relevant to the target group. Financing offers or longer payment periods can also lead to an optimization of the benefit for the customer. Competent and detail advice can also be  benefit Sweden Phone Numbers List which is unfortunately often underestimat and neglect. Reliability in service and friendliness during the consultation can also lead to a customer deciding on a particular product. Time is also a factor that is becoming increasingly important. Time savings through the product.

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Important for increasing customer

Offer shorter delivery times and very short delivery times can be significant customer benefits . In the case of a robot vacuum cleaner or saving is the KY Lists main customer benefit. And for example the same-day delivery at Amazon can also make a significant contribution to customer benefit since the order product is deliver on the same day. Overall the determination of the customer benefit should always be bas on the nes and wishes of the customers. A distinction between B B customers and B C customers is absolutely necessary since the nes and wishes differ. B B customers often have wishes and nes such as.

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