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Changes that appear in the application at the beginning of you can take a look at the archival summary . Most importantly the Monitoring module appear in Senuto without which today many SEO specialists cannot imagine their daily work on positioning. . This is what the application look like in . A few numbersin Senuto collects data for million domains and million phrases. The number of active clients reaches . The Aria fund together with private investors support the further development of Senuto with the amount of.

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Million. Features that came with the new Senuto: Monitoring – a whole new module Visibility analysis: Increases/decreases Cannibalization Austria Phone Numbers List Comparison of days Direct Answer – Ranking Keyword database: Keyword details Word group report your own word list Integracje z: Google Data Studio Google Analytics Google Search Console Slack YearSenuto goes global A pandemic shook the world. Many companies have mov their activities to the Internet many fear for the future. At that time we launch the Senuto Anti-Crisis Shield project under which we ucat about the functioning of online business and the sales potential at a time.

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When you cannot leave your homes. Of course SEO was at the center of this ucational process. At the same time we focus on adding new functions to KY Lists the application – we felt technologically ready for it. In the second half of the year we Czech Republic and Slovakia. It symbolically meant opening up to international markets and entering the global path. New – personalization of results in the Keyword Database. Available not only in Polish. In addition in the following were creat: SERP analysis – a brand new module that helps you identify onsite ranking factors. Thanks to it users can check how many characters to write or what content structure to use bas on the best positioning articles for a given key phrase. We have releas a free mobile application for.

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