Customers is the main goal together with the sale of goods. The products should thus  made accessible to the consumer. The sales department has a very distinctive customer knowlge and thanks to this can sell products profitably to the customer.  customers the product range and how to negotiate in sales pitches. What is Marketing Marketing brings the customer to the product. This includes all activities in a company that are gear to the nes of the market . In most cases measures are us to market certain products or services. Whether this happens through PR work online or offline advertising measures can vary and is up to each.

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Company Marketing has a less pronounc customer image than sales. Rather the department looks at the totality of customers and the market. Marketing Honduras Phone Number List employees deal with the market itself identify its potential and observe any limitations >>> You can find all the information about our seminar on the basics of marketing planning and  Sales marketing represents the interface tween sales and marketing. It serves to generate tter sales and profits and thus a tter course of business. With this method the creative part of marketing and the sales-orient part of sales come together. Marketing and sales have to work.

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Hand in hand otherwise a shift corporate image can  convey to the outside world if both departments act differently. to think act and above all plan across KY Lists departments. Marketing and sales must not work against each other; rather both specialist departments should complement each other. Only through precise cooperation can a maximum of the market potential exhaust. Sales Marketing – Goals Which factors must  particularly consider and process Here are a few points that should help you in your approach . Improvement of the customer approach Optimization of sales tools Target group-orient.

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