The core message Identification of the contact points Action Agenda Calculate budget PR strategy funnel Analysis of the initial situation A detail analysis of the initial situation forms the cornerstone of a successful PR strategy. How well known is the company How is the company perceiv by the public Which channels are us for reporting How often and on which topics is it report All these aspects belong in the analysis of the status quo. It is also helpful to take a close look at the previous public relations work and its successes and to identify potential for improvement.

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Know and define target group The best PR strategy is of course completely useless if the wrong target group is address. To ensure that this does not Paraguay Phone Number List happen the target group should be clearly defin in the next step. but it can turn into a really tough affair. However the more precisely one works here the greater the prospects for positive developments. personas . The analysis of individual target group representatives is often easier and results in a detail picture of the target group. Persona Workshop Clearly define communication goals and KPIs The communication goals are also an important building.

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Block of your own strategy but should not be confus with the company goals. They can be divid into short-term and long-term communication KY Lists goals. A long-term goal would be for example to build up a permanent customer. A short-term goal would be for example increasing awareness of a new product or service. A report in a magazine could draw attention to this once. When the goals are set the appropriate KPIs are assign. Because only with a measurable goal can you prove that the goal has been achiev. Define a KPI for each communication goal and also define which tool you will use to measure the key.

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