Objective and independent of specific questions isTo systematically collect analyze and process currently available information regarding future developments; Assess the future comprehensively To determine probabilities regarding certain  factors. From this the tasks of the scenario technique are deriv which must fulfillAnalysis of all relevant decision-making criteria of customers competitors or other players in the company’s environment observation of alternative strategies of market participants Discussion of possible changes contradictions breaks in development as well as opportunities and risks.

Characteristics of relevant influencing

Decision preparation in strategic corporate management. Marketing Manager . Procure in the scenario technique  can generally divid into eight Taiwan Phone Number List stagesAnalysis of the company’s current situationCompilation and evaluation of goals and strategies in the context of the company’s mission statement analysis of strengths and weaknesses and determination of the time horizon for the scenarios. Determination of the influencing variables of the determination and evaluation of the influencing factors as well as analysis of the network tween the areas of influence. Determination of parameters.

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The process of the scenario technique

Descriptors and formulation of trends and development tendencies bas on the influencing variables determin in step . Checking the consistency KY Lists and logic of the formulat trends and development tendencies and selecting alternative consistent scenarios. Generation design and assessment of the alternative visions of the future . Creation of bases for strategiesOpportunity-risk determination and evaluation of consequences consequence analysis . Development of reactive and preventive measures for possible disruptions analysis of disruptive events . Formulation of a main strategy and coordination with the general orientation ofhigh-quality manner. We present you with a selection of the st commercials.

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