Topic Instagram also makes it possible to place advertisements for marketing your own products and services through which allows visitors to your profile on Instagram to make purchases instantly. The Insta-TV feature is another way to do storytelling and showcase your business in an entertaining way. Instagram Marketing Studies The Instagram platform is still relatively young as a communication and marketing channel compar to other channels. Therefore studies and surveys on the use and use of Instagram are very helpful: Social Trends by Socialbakers Instagram is the social mia platform.

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When it comes to user engagement for brands Instagram is now better than Facebook for advertising Video content is now as successful as photo posts Singapore Phone Number List with stories being the fastest growing form of content Influencer marketing represents a . against fake influencers is requir More about the study can be found here: ://.socialbakers/social-mia-content/studies/most-important-social-mia-trends-to-remember-in- / Basic rules for the profile The public profile is best for companies. This means that all posts are visible to users and the range is increas through the use of hashtags. Instagram users can follow a public profile directly.

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Become part of the community as a follower without having to send requests. For the beginning however it is advantageous to switch your own profile KY Lists to private. Businesses can remain in private mode until they have creat their full profile on Instagram. Within a company profile there is a separate admin area with new statistics. . Profile picture The profile picture represents the company and the brand on Instagram. The profile picture can be compar to a logo. The image should have a high recognition value for users as it is consider the company’s flagship on Instagram. However compliance with the specifi dimensions and guidelines must be.

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