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Describes a type of advertising in which inf luencers are us to present or actively advertise a company’s products. Such opinion makers are active on the relevant social mia channels such as InstagramSnapchat and blogs and have a  who trust the opinions and product recommendations of the influencers they subscribe to. advertis brand appears more crible due to the trust of the followers in the social mia stars. In additionthe brand experiences positive spillover effec tssuch as a more positive assessment and greater brand awareness. Many companies have recogniz the benefits of influencer marketing for themselves and have also operat it successfully. The latest trend this year is now call Microin fluencer Marketing. This is quickly explain Instead of addressing the social mia stars with.

The product promise of the

Millions of followersin fluencers with less reach (around – fans are address. Microin fluencers are characteriz by the fact thatdespite their South Africa Phone Number List lower reach than the stars of the scenethey often have more loyal fans who interact intensively with them through shareslikes and comments. This is illustrat by a study by Makerlywhich found that micro-influencers generate the most interactions relative to their number of followers. microinfluencers The prerequisite for being consider a micro-influencer is not only the relatively small number of followersbut also the intensity with which the fans deal with the content of the micro topics.

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Large number of fans and followers

With a smaller target group benefit from an intensive relationship between influencer and fanbecause influencer marketing can be tailor to the KY Lists specific target groupwhich ruces wastage. Finally working with micro-influencers is simply cheaper than with the top stars of social mia. Ephemeral content Besides microinfluencer  another way to authenticity and engagement with the target audience. Short-liv content isfor exampleFacebook live streams or so-call stories on Instagram Snapchat and Facebookthe content of which disappears irrevocably after hours and is particularly popular.

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