New and carefully select combination of attributes that create a new USP. This should make the backward movement on the curve of the product life cycle successful. Youngme Moon descris this process as reverse marketers giving a form of extravagance while at the same time taking something away from it. Breakaway positioning A slightly different form of reverse positioning is breakaway positioning. The difference to reverse positioning is that the product no longer stays in the same product category but also moves to a different niche.

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This means that by combining different categories and their properties with each other, a product is associat with one and the other category.  as Benin Phone Number List well as the competition are changing. By linking two or more product categories together, you create a new perception of your product. When you can connect your original product category to another you can refine your competition and expand your market. Furthermore, this also contributes to stealth positioning In contrast to reverse and breakaway positioning, which descri open positioning, stealth positioning descris covert positioning. The positioning is operat under a covert approach and not disclos.

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This form of positioning hides the true nature of the product by assigning it to an entirely new or different category. If a new product is not very KY Lists promising and potential customers tend to  disinterest, you can use stealth positioning to relocate your offer to another product category.  products into a market and achieve acceptance that is otherwise difficult to achieve. Stealth positioning helps you jump your product right into the growth phase of the product lifecycle. Our product management seminars From product strategies to market and competitor analyzes to product innovations in our product management and product launch seminars, you will learn the most important methods in product management and acquire the skills of a successful product manager. Find out now about the exact content and current dates Monday May th Product.

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