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Is important for every company to stay in the mind of potential customers in a special way. Cross -mia marketing is an important tool for this which is currently more up-to-date than ever and is being fuel once again by social networks.  cross-mia marketing is show its importance and explain why one communication channel is not enough. Cross-mia marketing: what does it mean exactly Prof. Dr. Michael Bernecker Cross-mia marketing is a marketing structure in which a company or service provider uses multiple communication channels to reach potential customers and interest parties in the best possible way.

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Of the German Institute for Marketing Strictly speaking there must be at least three communication channels for real cross-mia marketing .  been Iceland Phone Number List relax a bit so that even with two channels one can already speak of cross-mia marketing. An example of this would be a company that not only advertises its products on television but also in magazines. The origins of this popular form of marketing go back to the s when radio was just catching on in the Unit States of America. Clever companies were already beginning to draw.

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Attention to themselves through radio advertising in addition to advertisements in newspapers . In the possibilities for companies in this regard were KY Lists expand again since the television could now also be us as a communication channel.  only became establish somewhat later. Nowadays however there is hardly a company that is limit to just one communication channel – and of course there are good reasons for that. Cross-mia marketing: That’s why one communication channel is not enough One communication channel just isn’t enough these days which is why cross-mia marketing is a must for businesses. There are multiple reasons for that. On the one hand a much.

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