Exception is the determination of input tax amounts using. A flat-rate procure This means that no matter how. Much sales tax you have paid you  of your income as input tax. Section of the UStG allows such average rates to  set in order to simplify the taxation process for certain professional groups. The amount of these flat rates depends on the respective profession and is tween about . and . percent. The instrument of the flat-rate input tax duction aims to ruce the bureaucratic effort for smaller companies. It is important to meet the requirement that the net sales generat in the previous year do not exce the limit of.

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The Value Add regulates the precise definition of turnover. In Section  UStG. cause the turnover limit is rather low the input tax flat rate is not an option for Tongliao Phone Number List many company owners. It is primarily to  us for certain freelance secondary  activities that are carri out in addition to a non-self-employ main activity as an employee or in addition to self-employment in the context of a sole proprietorship or GbR. State input tax correctly As an entrepreneur in the marketing industry you generate the sales tax on your customer invoices on half of the tax office so to speak. These tax amounts must  forward to the tax authorities at certain intervals. Nowadays this is done digitally using the so-call Elster procure.

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Activities in journalism or for teaching

Electronic tax return Businesses like yours submit sales tax returns to the tax office either monthly or quarterly. The exact amount that you owe the tax KY Lists office after ducting the input tax is not on it . Conclusion on input tax ductionquestions about the input tax duction with a tax consultant you trust fore you claim the small business regulation for yourself and your company in the marketing industry. cause the input tax duction is cash money for you cause you get a  refund of the sales tax paid for your own expenses from the tax office. So it’s worth examining exactly how high your investment requirements will  when you set up your business fore you decide for example on the status of a small business owner and thus against.

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