Help of a marketing audit concept a the. Marketing organization is efficiently structur. And adapt to modern circumstances and. Compliance elements can be implement by establishing an audit system. The different types of marketing audit. Process audit The process audit is primarily about. A formal review of the different information procurement. Processes and the processing of these that are relevant to the marketing decision-making or planning processes. This procure is extremely demanding and time-consuming since all important marketing decisions are to be record. However it also has the advantage that it can be us very quickly after the planning processes have been carri out to discover problems and correct them. The following questions among.

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Others play an important role in the process audit: Has the really important information been present to the decision makers Have all relevant sources of information been taken into account and were opposing opinions listen to and hypotheses were drawn up and how reliable are the information gathering methods Has a systematic problem analysis been carri out Czech Republic Phone Number List Were the appropriate decision-making methods us and were the decision-making criteria specifi in the goal setting us Was the catalog of criteria complete Were alternatives also consider in the decisions and was an appropriate forecasting method us b. results audit The result audit tries to put the decision results in the foreground.

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If one were not able to come to the same decision with the information available or if the decision cannot be understood in this specific environment it is KY Lists helpful to use prepar lists of questions to uncover problems or contradictions. In particular the decision for certain marketing activities or suppliers can also be secur in the future. available decision results are critically assess. The following questions are a typical subject of the result audit: Are the different instruments in the marketing mix suitable.

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