Launches and marketing or expansions into new markets are for example relevant information for a better basis for decision-making.  Sources of information for competitor market research Research on the activities of the competition can be done through many available public sources from customers suppliers mia various databases or social mia .  the names of the competitors Google automatically transmits all news about the desir company. from the competition such as annual reports newsletters product catalogs and publish press articles offer an approach to competitor market research . Certificate course Business Development Manager (DIM) Competitive market research: an exclusive focus on competitors is dangerous It is important.

Competitive market research process

To mention that in strategic planning it is not sufficient to focus solely on the competitors. Other factors such as general economic growth and business Israel Phone Number List risks should not be ignor. This becomes clear using the example of a major daily newspaper: In there were two major daily newspapers in Denver Colorado – the Rocky Mountain News the oldest daily newspaper at years old and the Denver Post. A year later the last issue of the Rocky Mountain News was publish. Reasons for the decline were an excessive focus on the competition and that breaking news was explicitly withheld so that the competing daily newspaper would not plagiarize it and publish it itself.

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By setting up a Google Alert with

This example illustrates that strengths weaknesses. Feral Association of Market and Competition Analysis. The Feral Association of Market and KY Lists Competition Analysis. Is the association for professio als in the field of Competitive Intelligence (CI) and competitor market research . Members are companies specialists and executives from all internal functions relat to the market and competition as well as external service providers. A new CI introduction working group was initiat by the association. The next meeting will take place on September from on the premises of Deutsche Telekom in.

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