Journey The Challenges  Define target group . in a chronological order . Measure customer satisfaction along the customer journey . Create Customer Journey Map . Customer Journey – How to improve it . Optimizing customer satisfaction along the customer journey . Expand customer journey . Customer Journey: Optimization of the on-page and off-page optimization and can implement the necessary measures immiately. Good rankings help to draw the attention of interest parties and potential customers to the company website. . Increas website traffic Rankings on the first results page of Google or bing not only ensure higher visibility. The hit in the search enginetouchpoints using the example of online shops . Customer Journey – trends.

Identify touch points Put touchpoints

Conclusion  Customer Journey – What is it actually The customer journey represents the customer’s complete travel route a brand or a company Uganda Phone Number List to a defin actione.g. purchase. It connects all touchpoints from the creation of a ne to the search for information to the final target action and the subsequent customer loyalty measures.  social mia marketing and online marketing the customer journey also includes all points of contact that were not initiat by the company. This includes for example press releases or recommendations from friends as well as comments on rating portals. The customer’s journey can visualiz in a customer journey map.  Customer Journey – What are the nefits.

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From the first contact with a product

Designing a customer journey can help to achieve various goals . In essence a customer journey aims to develop an understanding of the preferences and KY Lists havior of customers in order to able to align company activities with the nes of the customer customer centricity. An attempt is made to make all touchpoints visible and transparent up to a customer’s purchase decision. This reveals the havioral patterns of consumers and the motives for their actions. The customer journey can therefore us very well to optimize the communication concept . Above all she helps with the design of campaigns and their ideal adaptation to the individual decision-making.

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