Support you in the realization of your web projects with many years of expertise.  texts must  unique. An important basic rule which unfortunately is still all too often forgotten an  text is not a copy of another text !in the listings of the search engines you should always produce your own content. Duplicates are punish – not to mention that they also pose a copyright problem. By the way In order to save time many providers of cultural information often copy press releases about events. Even if these texts are provid by the provider they are of course copi in this case and therefore do not long in the unique  texts . Align  texts with the search.

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Havior of customers – do a keyword research! Keywords form the basis for successful  texts . But which keywords are actually relevant for you And how Armenia Phone Number List often should these  install in the text Nowadays it is easy to find different  tools. However the motto more is tter definitely cannot  appli here. If you use a keyword too often the search engines will penalize you with a lower ranking. A keyword density of to percent per text is a good guideline. Furthermore it is always important in the course of keyword research to put yourself in the shoes of the customer. Or to put it another way what would an interest party enter into the search.

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Engine It quickly comes apparent that it is above all the well-known two-word combinations that enjoy the corresponding popularity. Whole sentences on the KY Lists other hand are rarely enter into the search engine fields. texts are easy to read ! Otherwise the reader could quickly lose interest in reading your article. Most important keyword of the  text in the headline The title and the first section are particularly interesting for Google and Co. Not only should the most relevant keyword i.e. the main keyword appear here and possibly  repeat in the first sentencebut the content should also  interesting and appealing.

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