Shown interest in your product service etc. in the first place. Why the person did not use your service directly could  due to the usability of the site or insufficient information. Nevertheless the potential customer is gone and won’t  coming back anytime soon. Retargeting can therefore  seen as a second chance. Here all your previous of banners on other sites or various networks such as Facebook or the Google network where your target group is just cavorting. How does retargeting work on Facebook Each of your website visitors who is active on Facebook but is not necessarily connect to you will see a banner.

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With your message. In this way you can rekindle interest in your products services etc. Facebook Marketing Seminar Would you like to successfully Mobile Phone Number Lists use Facebook as a marketing channel and promote interaction with your target group Seminar  Find out more information and contentLegend:Free places available.Only a few places leftSorry fully book. What do you ne to do to start a retargeting campaign . Facebook fan page The prerequisite for a remarketing campaign on Facebook is that you have creat a fan page on Facebook for your company or brand and are running your own website Login data for the.

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Then visit our Facebook Marketing

Ads Manager To run a campaign on Facebook you first ne administrator rights for your Facebook fan page. Make sure you have access to KY Lists Ads Manager. If you’ve already run ads you should also  able to access Ads Manager with your login information. ne the login data for the account you use to manage your ads. Remarketing on Facebook – How it works and how to do it Create Facebook banner Next you should create attractive banners for your ad. You can promote a single product service or even your entire website. Please keep in mind that the text cannot  more than % of the image area. (You can read more guidelines for Facebook ads.

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