Come aware of the products of the other brand. Ideally the two brands naturally fit together thematically or at least have an interface. Competition example no.   shop Here competition participants have the opportunity to secure discounts for the online shop of the brand in question. In this context the products are not given away but sold at a ruc price. Depending on the pricing the company in question still makes a profit and is usually attractive to both regular and new customers. After all almost every customer likes to make bargains.

Particularly active sweepstakes As

Sweep stakes example no part of active Instagram competitions the participant is forc to deal a little more intensively with the brand in question. Classic Nepal Phone Number List examples of this are the interest party has to look for a certain symbol on the company’s homepage for example Easter eggs in the course of an Easter campaign . the Sweepstakes must take a picture of themselves with a brand product and post it. There are only a few limits to the imagination here. However appropriate actions ensure that the brand is generally tter rememr.

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Discounts for a purchase in the online

Possibly associat positive experiences. Sweepstakes example  Sweepstakes with prominent testimonials Depending on the network it can also make sense to approach public figures or influencers and try to win them over to the campaign in question. via their account the reach often skyrockets even more. As with regard to the products to  raffl the same applies here KY Lists that a promotion of this kind is only authentic if the respective influencer also fits the brand. A star who likes to wear real fur on r carpets for example looks implausible as an advertising mium for a vegan-orient company What should you.

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