For recording business areas. Especially in the phase fore founding a companythe intensive. And detail design of a business area from a business. Idea is crucial so that the basis for entrepreneurial action is laid and guid in a clear direction. By defining the business areas of a company a customer-orient orientation is to achiev own competencies are to strengthen and internal synergies tween the business areas are to creat and us. Different business areas for companies in the automotive industry can describ as follows: Development and production of new drive concepts.

The canvas helps in the discussion

Production of cars refinement / tuning of cars Sales of new cars or Workshop service for cars. With the help of the Canvas business field of the German Georgia Phone Number List Institute for Marketing business fields can develop and sensibly mapp.  of how a business area is to distinguish from other business areas how it can meaningfully fill with life and what  area can offer. Canvas business field You can also download the canvas as a PDF here: Download Business Area – Strategic Business Unit – Business Unit The concept of the business field can approach from two perspectives. Depending on whether the viewer’s focus is on the company’s internal structures or the external market segments In any case business.

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Areas are defin by the result of demarcation processes. There is no uniform definition of the term since the motives and purposes of using the term KY Lists vary depending on the author. It is also found that the termsstrategic business areaSBU strategic business unitSBU orstrategic business unitBU are us synonymously.  consultants accompany your organizational project from planning through development to implementation. Corona update – face-to-face seminars are now allow again! . votes As of today new relaxations will come into force in North Rhine-Westphalia. These enable ucational institutions to return to normal operations to some extent. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia has recently allow face-to-face seminars to held again All open seminars of the German.

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