For the goal setting of the personas -creation are assign different priorities. The question of private or business customers is also a question of objectives that must be clarifi. Qualitative data is always collect through interviews. conduct with employees who are in real contact with customers such as employees in sales customer support at reception or in the call center. On the other hand the data can also be collect in direct contact with previous or former customers. Online customer retention Successful personas are always bas on facts and real personalities even if these are only fictional in the form of personas It is absolutely.

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Correct and makes sense to proce speculatively in the first step and to think about persona first but these speculations must then be the interviews El Salvador Phone Number List and if necessary also chang. As always in the qualitative analysis of data it is advisable to go into the natural course of the conversation. Answers often arise of their own accord. to ensure that the topic of the conversation does not drift off in another direction. The total number of interviews requir to collect the data always depends.

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On the current status of the survey after each interview. On average to interviews should be sufficient. After the collection all data must be evaluat. In the KY Lists first step the information from the interviews is sort according to similarities and similar patterns. The focus should always be on the similarities and the associat customer group. You shouldn’t get bogg down in the little things that differentiate the different customers in a group but you always have to keep an eye on the target group and the customers who belong to it as well as the objective . Because the approach of the interviews also depends on it. In principle it is always advisable to work with.

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