Goal in dynamic steps in time. You control and document continuously and context and often misinterpret. Online course possible to immiately increase sales by collaborating with influencers The only answer that can  given is a question: What do you want to achieve anyway Only when I know what I want to achieve can I say that it can  achiev or not. There are three levels of structuring marketing communications. The reachthe classic currency that takes place not only with influencersbut everywhere in marketing. The interaction level. Is the product actually notic I ne to have real interaction. The influencer’s community.

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Asks a question or writes a comment: Great productwhere can I get this The transaction and what is ing bought. Reachinteraction and transaction. With a Paraguay Phone Number List good settingwith a good structure and in certain constellationsyou can achieve a lot With influencer marketing.  industry of influencer marketing fore influencers existwe often work with so-call testimonials in marketing. The st-known construct is that you take a celebritylike Thomas Gottschalk us to do with Wetten Dass Half of Germany was sitting in front of the TV and on the table where all the celebrities were sitting there was always a bowl of gummy ars. That was of course perfect for Haribo. You book someonea familiar faceand they present the product in a charming way.

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This went under the term product placement or product positioning. With the advent of social mia channel scompanies now have a completely different KY Lists setting.  mia channel now One way is to work with people who already have a reach. That’s the smart thing about influencer marketing. I have a representative for my product who has access to a specific target group and he also has immiate reach. And that is what is actually so interesting about influencer marketing. What kind of influencer do I have now Is he active on Instagram Is he active on YouTu Or on TikTok What is his range there This is the first point. 

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