Target criteria the extensive fulfillment of which is desirable must defin Weighting of the decision criteria: Since individual goals usually have different importance for the overall nefit weighting factors are determin fortheir influence on the overall nefit. The scaling is of lesser importance but they should exclusively positive. Since a subjective influence on the entire process is unavoidable here the weighting factors should determin according to largely objective standards Evaluation of the alternative courses of action: For each alternative course of action and for each individual decision criterion an evaluation is.

The decision criteria according to

With regard to the degree of fulfillment. Here too the scaling is largely free. The higher the target criterion is met the higher the rating points can Colombia Phone Number List as is provid for in a classic point ratinge.g. point for very bad to points for very good. st place to nth place or school grades for very good to for unsatisfactory are also conceivable.  procure is clearly visible. Choosing an appropriate rating scale is not always trivial. In order to take the decision risk into account one can proce for example by making a pessimistic a st-possible mean and an optimistic evaluation Determination of utility values.

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Ordinal scales such as a ranking

Weight total points: After calculating the partial utility values ​​by multiplying the weighting factors of the criteria by the degree of fulfillment or the utility KY Lists function us here for each criterion and alternative the aggregation to a value the total utility now takes place. Here the part utility values ​​can combin with one another both additively and multiplicatively. With additive linking the weight partial utility values ​​are add across all criteria to the total utility value of the respective alternative. attractive TCPcost per thousand or CPMcost per mille makes poster advertising an extremely economical advertising mium. + the wastage of poster advertising is very minimal If posters are.

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