You follow a guide but are much tter able to respond to moods and hidden clues tween the lines. Personal conversations are also much more pleasant for your customers than an online questionnaire they are fun even without a raffle.  is more difficult.  situation You are sitting in a restaurant. During the meal you notice that the couple at the next table is unhappy with the food. The steak is overdone the fries are sticky the cola has run out of carbon dioxide. Then the waiter comes. And did you like it – Yeah yeah Very good thank you!. Instead he gets a one-star rating on Yelp and his heart is pour out.

Customer would like us to help him

We shy away from conflicts and are reluctant to openly express criticism. sides it’s not the poor waiter’s fault. The chef mess it up! Yes that’s right. With our Denmark Cell Phone Number List criticism we help the restaurant to improve its performance. The difficult thing is to hit people over the head with criticism. In a customer survey there is also the fact that the  out again the next time a machine is defective or a delivery of materials is urgently ne. Just don’t ask But. Just not yourself. Your customers will lie to you if you do the survey yourself. They want to  nice not break china or say negative things cause people just have inhibitions. The solution Have someone else do the survey. Via phone. Or even tter by zoom cause of facial expressions and body language.

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Cause you can also go into topics

If the interviewer knows his job that gives valuable tips). The face-to-face survey will provide much more in-depth insights than the online KY Lists questionnaire.  that you did not foresee when creating the questionnaire. And what’s the nefit for me Very easily. With every marketing measure in the future you will know what your customers appreciate about you. Why they buy from you and not somewhere else. No more discussions What do we write on the new brochure Which key statement must  on the website Never again We are the cheapest! although your customers love the quality much more Waste.

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