Homepages and online shops should feel comfortable and – in the st case – come back. Those who have had positive experiences with a website or web shop are usually more willing to buy products or book services there again.  experience is more important than ever partly cause of the abundance of different online shops. Digitization in Marketing – What you should know Digitization in marketing reaches all industries and economic sectors. Game changers  digital pioneers and the application of communication are now having an impact on companies and their marketing departments. It doesn’t work without How far are we.

Not only the price but the general shopping

With digitization in marketing Do we still reach our target groups with our classic marketing tools Are our activities in the areas of PR  and are we using our Benin Phone Number List resources and potential in the digitiz world properly as a marketing department Many questions that can  clarifi with a digital marketing audit . As a retailer do you have a digital branch A digital backbone as a B B marketing department And do you use the possibilities of social selling as a modern distributor  If not Customers now use digital communication channels extensively and intensively. A professional decision-maker and buyer uses classic sales channels less and less.

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Print and events still up-to-date

Instead he informs himself much more intensively on the net.  of all decision-makers no longer react to cold calling attempts by telephone. Trade fairs and KY Lists events are losing their effectiveness more and more and are therefore coming more and more inefficient. Then you should consider digitizing your marketing department. cause digitization longs in marketing Some points about digitization in marketing that are worth knowing Contents Digitization in marketing your degree of maturity Digitization in marketing This is how it can work Digital Marketing with the Online Marketing Framework Challenges of digitization in marketing.

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