What period of time they have to act in order to nefit from the discount. With time-limit vouchers customers are entic into activity. Tip  Offer coupons for future purchases To reward those who are already customers coupons tool. It has proven to  helpful to announce the possible savings when handing over the voucher. You can work particularly successfully with vouchers that have savings potential in the double-digit range.  they can achieve particularly high savings. encourage purchases Source pixabaytatyana Buzmakova Krasnova Tip  Vouchers as a prize The advertising effectiveness of vouchers makes their use in competitions attractive. For example online shops can hold a competition or sweepstakes and reward.

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Those who are not among the main winners with vouchers. On the one hand new customers can  won and on the other hand existing customers can Portugal Phone Number List reward. Overall vouchers strengthen customer relationships and increase satisfaction.  they’re worth it Interactive content is an attention-grabr and works much more effectively than posts with static content. Practice shows that over percent of those who work with a content marketing strategy also use interactive competitions. Sweepstakes that are simply design are particularly effective cause they require little investment from participants. Like and comment or Like share and win are such simple strategies that many participate. All organizers ne is a post video or photo to get users.

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To participate It is important to mention the simple conditions of participation in the post to show users the prizes and to include a clear call-to-action. Of KY Lists course a competition is not only attractive for customers but also provides organizers with valuable data on customer havior. Example A jewelery lal is holding a photo competition. The photo should show the favorite bracelet charm. The lal uses the photos to find out which products the customers particularly love and can coordinate further marketing activities accordingly. The advantages of sweepstakes from the retailer’s point of view are obvious Sweepstakes increase attention and reach. Traffic on the website is stimulat so interactions.

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