For a specific product and what nefits he derives from this product. The cost plus pricing consists simply of the costs for a company and a certain ition. Last one can also compare the price of a product to the competitorsrelay a message. This results in the possibility of taking over the price segment of the competitors or setting yourself apart  price. In our presentation on the marketing mix you will find further explanations of the Ps. Reflection of the P’s For some time now, the marketing mix has en narrow down to the decision areas of the P’s. However, this descris only part of the marketing mix The basic importance for.

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The marketing manager has always en to create a balanc combination of tools. The combination of various activities should enable meaningful Japan Phone Number List market cultivation without rucing it to the P’s. In addition, taking the market and the is an important factor when developing the marketing mix. Borden has identifi the following four market forces: The buying havior of consumers Procures of salespeople in retail havior and status of the competition limitations of the state The most common point of criticism, that the marketing mix does not address the wishes and nes of the consumer, is therefore incorrect. Do you ne help with the implementation of. 

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Your marketing We gladly support you! Prof. Dr. Michael rnecker We bring you forward with effective marketing measures! Contact us for individual KY Lists The P’s of the marketing mix Due to the use of the marketing mix in the area of ​​services, the were add in the s: People process management physical facilities . People – employees In service marketing, the people (personnel) decision area is of particular importance. Due to the interaction of the company with the external factor (customer), there is a special interaction relationship tween the customer and the employees of a company For a service provider.

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