Market segmentation Book review Marketing Conception by Jochen Becker The basic book Marketing Conception which establish the conceptual approach in marketingis currently available in the th ition. Thousands of marketing students have been using this work for years now. The classic has shap entire generations of marketers due to its well-found foundations for strategic and operational marketing management. But does Jochen Becker’s work Marketing Conception still have a value and usefulness for lectures and events today  The work deals with three main topics the marketing goalsthe marketing strategies and the.

What is the theme of the work

Marketing mix In additiontwo other topics are dealt with the developmentrealization and review as well as the action-relat implementation of marketing Australia Phone Number List concepts . In addition to the structur structure of the five partsthe textbook presents the conceptual steps with the help of a large number of successful examples from different companies and markets. final partwhich addresses the challenges and success conditions of conceptual marketing and also the online /social mia marketing is not left out. Which topics are present and explain and how well Anyone looking for literature for an event on strategic marketing will inevitably.

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What is new in this is the

Come across Jochen Becker’s classic Marketing Concept . Becker establishes the connection between strategic and operational issues in marketing in a KY Lists very structur and systematic manner. The classic management approaches are also describ in an understandable way. Since many teaching modules at universities  actually still opportune in one or the other lecture. But the content and especially the practice-relat parts are getting a bit old. The figures presentthe illustrations and examples are somewhat outdat in one place or another. For examplea statistic from in a current textbook is in ne of an overhaul. Newer topics on strategic marketingwhich theory and practice are currently dealing withare almost completely missing. Business models appear as a termbut one looks in.

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