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Team Development of an SEO concept by the SEO Milatec team Power day at your place or in the seminar rooms of the DIM Documentation and TODO of the power day . Black Hat Sith – The Final  and we us the last few days to review the challenge. Overall the SEO Challenge was a lot of fun for us. Driven by a good start in the top places we naturally want to be at the top at the end of the challenge. The fictional keywords Black Hat Sith and White Hat Ji gave us a lot of inspiration for possible topics and content.

Ranking The  contest is now over

In this way we were able to cover the topics of black hat and white hat SEO measures. The theme of the challenge Star Wars also increas the fun factor. Here Ghana Phone Number List are our Black Hat Sith rankings at a glance: Overall we were able to take home to achieve a good ranking. Here we take th place home with us. We would like to thank the organizers of the SEO Contest Cinestock and everyone who support our entry. Winner SEO Contest Black Hat Sith SEO Contest: White Hat Ji th place Our conclusion after the SEO contest.

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Overall our conclusion on the Cinestock SEO Contest is positive. The interesting fictitious keywords made it easy to produce content and the whole team KY Lists was in Star Wars fever after a short time. It was a pity however that the final rankings were initially only announc via the live video via Facebook and were only publish a few days later on the Cinestock magazine. We congratulate all participants on their placements and above all on the good and creative work within the framework of the SEO Challenge. It was a great experience for us to refresh our knowlge in the field of search engine optimization and to test the effect of direct measures.

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