Make mistakes and get the impression that everything is going well for you since there are no complaints. Tip  Complaint acceptance Complaints should  accept by train staff in an atmosphere that is as relax as possible.  complain on the Internet or by fax / post represents an additional hurdle. Many customers shy away from the associat effort. It should  made clear to the customer that the complaint will  understood and taken seriously. The problem must not  downplay under any circumstances cause this has a negative effect on.

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Customer satisfactionout of. The employee should first try to calm down an upset customer. A matter-of-fact and friendly tone applies even to abusive Romania Phone Number List customers. An employee should not have to justify himself to the customer but stand hind his own product or service. Personal communication with the customer offers the opportunity to obtain additional information.  should  process quickly and easily and the customer should  inform about every step. Tip  Complaint action The response to the complaint i.e. the solution to the problem can take place in different ways. The competence of the complaints office is decisive for the satisfactory solution of the customer problem. It must  able to deal with the request with the requir.

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Care and quality. Honesty is particularly important with no excuses that downplay the problem as most customers see through this and are then even KY Lists more negative. Customers are inform and do not want to  taken for a fool.  and immaterial solutions are possible as compensation. Interestingly most customers expect at least an apologyfor poor performance. It is precisely at this point that there is great potential for increasing customer satisfaction . A passive complaint solution only leads to the elimination of the problem and thus to averting possible legal consequences. Active processing can trigger customer satisfaction without major financial expenditure. Let’s go back to the example from above. The fact that DHL treats complaining customers in an unfriendly manner further.

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