Purposes After a short practice phase and after you have come familiar with the relevant functions you can use your Instagram channel in an even more versatile fresh and modern way. Special content exciting news and  as quickly as possible longs in the Insta Story ! Customer Value – Do you know your most valuable customers / –  vote Which customers should a company take care of in the context of customer value Customer value analyzes provide an answer as to whether companies should only take care of valuable customers and how this value can  measur. In our video about customer value you will see an.

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Understandable explanation of what is meant by customer value. . Customer Value Concepts A total of seven customer value concepts can   about your France Phone Number List respective customer relationship . Sales potential The most common key  the calculation of sales per customer and year. This indicator provides information about the customer’s market position  but neglects some elements of customer value. The total customer value is often far higher than the monetary value of the turnover. . Contribution margin potential A high contribution margin goes hand in hand with high customer satisfaction. A customer with a currently high contribution margin who will leave in the next year due to.

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Dissatisfaction is less profitable than a loyal customer. In combination with other key figures the informative value of the contribution margin key KY Lists figure is significantly increas. . Cross-Selling Potential Cross-selling is when a customer Purchases other offers from the company for a product or service. Cross-selling exploits the customer potential to such an extent that customer value also increases. A customer who buys insurance at a dealership along with a car tends to  more profitable for the dealership. Cross-selling thus has a positive effect on customer value since there is a high probability that barriers to switching will increase reference potential The.

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