Advertising banners. Nowadays potential customers have become almost banner blind. Even with the so-call layer ads which usually extend over the entire screen users often pay more attention to the X in the corner to close the ad.  guerrilla marketing or influencer marketing in which influencers test the products to be advertis is much more effective. Small video clips that do not initially look like advertising or look behind the scenes of the marketing campaign at the meta level are also promising. Heavy Users percent of consumers.

In times of social viral marketing

Are responsible for percent of sales. The so-call Pareto principle is a widespread observation in the advertising industry.  retain. Therefore in many cases advertising is also tailor to this regular customer base. customers in their circle of acquaintances as a positive side effect. For example children who observe their parents and see how satisfi they are Pakistan Phone Number List with the product or service often use the same product as adults. Because they are emotionally connect to it. The mind shuts down. The ad works! Conclusion It’s really amazing how advertising psychology manages to stick in.

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These consumers acquire new

People’s minds and encourage them to buy. In any case it remains exciting to see in which direction advertising will develop. Especially from the KY Lists point of view that the mia that carry the advertising are constantly changing especially the Internet. Visit our Trade Marketing seminar and learn how to usePR strategy – how to develop it correctly The PR strategy is often seen as an elegant solution to draw attention to one’s own company. While marketing campaigns are often out of the box PR work is a more subtle form of advertising. In order to make press work really successful however there are a few things to consider such as the choice of topic or the accessibility of the.

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