Company in good time So you can act instead of react. Markets are dynamic and changing. Carry out your market research continuously and systematically. In this wayyou will successively learn about the greatest influencing factors on your company and the possible effects. Market research – how to proce market investigation In principleyou can proce unsystematically (market investigation) or systematically ( market research ) in a market investigation . Here you can see the distinction tween market investigation and market research Market research.

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Is the systematic form of market investigation. Market research With this rather unsystematic approach to market research you evaluatefor examplecustomer Nigeria Phone Number List discussionsvisit reports from the sales force or market reports from the trade press. continuously in your CRM system this approach is clearly different from that of market research.  your market systematicallymostly using scientific methods. This can  done at a point in timefor  survey . Then one speaks of a market analysis . You can also study your market over time. For example with a panel. This procure is call market observation. Systematic market research – primary research and secondary research.

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Methodologically you differentiate tween the primary and the secondary research approach in the systematic market investigation . In essencethe KY Lists difference can  trac back to the sources us. With primary researchyou collect the data yourselfpossibly with the support of a market research institute. In desk researchyou analyze data that has already en collect in other contexts. primary research In doing soyou are primarily pursuing the goal of obtaining results that are as up-to-date as possible and relat to your individualspecific questions. With primary research you invest more effort per se. Both with regard to the precisely formulat object of investigation and in relation to the collection and evaluation of the data. There are many possibilities for systematic market research . Basicallyyou can differentiate tween three types.

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