Are display Demarcation point of sale – point of purchase point of sale The point of sale descris the point of sale from the point of view of the dealer or seller. However if you look at this point from the point of view of the buyer then this  (POP – the point of purchase of the consumer. Basically however the POS and POP designate the same place which represents the direct point of contact tween the provider and the consumer. Depending on whether the place of sale or purchase is view from the seller’s or consumer’s point of view however different significances are evident for the same place. In order to make the  successful and sales-promoting.

Place is call Point of Purchase

You as a company should also slip into the role of the consumer and try to  their point of purchaseto look at with his eyes. Due to increasing digitalization Henan Mobile Phone Number List the point of sale is shifting from the public area to the  items are increasingly ing bought online and order to  taken home or to the office. The world of e-commerce is booming! Regardless of whether your POS is mainly an online business or your customers come to your shop – POS marketing is one of the most important tools in your marketing work! Marketing Manager The point of sale from a marketing perspective Since your customers come into direct contact with your product.

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Private and professional area

Or service at the point of sale  you can increase your sales quickly and easily with the right POS sales promotion . POS marketing refers for  the design KY Lists of the website the target installation of merchandise displays and the placement of products as well as the creation of a positive sales experience. In this way you can draw attention and encourage impulse purchases directly at the scene and at the right moment. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and make their point of purchase as attractive as possible to encourage them to buy. You can achieve this for example with the help of creative interior design of the point of sale or with music in the.

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