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Sympathy for the responsible online itor of the company who was present as the sole representative. OMT Wiesbaden Karl Kratz at the OMT The highlight of the day for us was the lecture by Karl Kratz . Even though it was quite late in the day he manag to again. Featuring the theme The Art of Digital Touch. he shows that all the collect throughout the day will have little effect if we do not convince with our content in the long term and inspire our target group. Karl Kratz made the whole topic of enthusiasm visible by measuring the brain waves of a test person live. A very lively lecture which was.

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By the funny characters in the presentation. Overall this lecture gave us the most food for thought as it clearly points out that a good ranking in the Sri Lanka Phone Number List search results and a page optimiz to that effect is by no means a guarantee of success.  has room for improvement in terms of uniqueness and enthusiasm. Our conclusion on the OMT This was our first visit to the OMT and we drove from Wiesbaden back to Cologne satisfi with a lot of input. We’ve tri to pick the topics that we find most exciting but we’re really looking forward to.

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Looking through the rest of the presentations. The organization in advance and on. Site was flawless and the entire OMT team was always friendly and KY Lists helpful. As a point of criticism we can only name the small problems with the technology. This was quite a pity and l to minor delays but did not detract from the overall good impression. y to the next level We are your experienc partner We analyze your communication measures work with you to develop.

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