Do you ne support with the conception of campaigns Feel free to contact us Prof. Dr. Michael rnecker We bring you forward with Contact us for individual advicePhone Send an email Super Bowl ad Der . Super Bowl findet zwischen den San Francisco ers und den Kansas City Chiefs sPorsche – The Heist As a German car manufacturer Porsche presents itself to the American market. Sporty innovative fast – that’s what the commercial tries to tell customers about Porsche. But it is also us to introduce the new electric model the Porsche Taycan. In addition the past stsellers are chasing the new model through the streets of Germany.

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The spot takes place in Zuffenhausen at the carmaker’s headquarters. youtu./ UAgbv k . Doritos different with so-call start-ups. These are more Uganda Phone Number List often bas on a driving purpose. Companies that have en establish for many years have of meaning. The reason for this is certainly the sales or profit-driven marketing of product features or USPs which often meant that the original intention of the founders was lost. The concept of Purpose Driven Marketing goes back to American Express in . The company’s purpose was to participate in the restoration of the Statue of Lirty. The company donat one cent for the restoration.

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Every time the customer card was us. As a result the numr of new cardholders increas by % and card usage by Other examples of long-establish KY Lists brands that follow this concept very successfully include Nike (lieve in something. . Just do it) Starbucks (The third place to drink coffee) or Dove. Nike’s campaign shows the motivation to support athletes with innovation and inspiration to achieve their own goals no matter how crazy they may seem or what the athlete’s background may . Nike’s values ​​are illustrat in the campaign featuring controversial football star Colin Kaepernick (who lost his career after kneeling during the national anthem). Starbucks does not want to  an ordinary coffee shop but wants to occupy a new central place in the lives of customers. The slogan The third placeexpresses the fact that the Starbucks.

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