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The best casea personal connection to the customer can be establishwhich in the best case significantly shortens the path to a deal or sale. These growth strategies are the basis for the opSocial enterprise software – applicationpossibilitiestools votes Microsoft announc on July that they are now making their own software teams available free of charge. But what is Microsoft Teams and what add value does this software offer  correct software category for Microsoft Teams. This social enterprise software offers a solution for internal communicationespecially for large companies. The demands on companies and their communication have chang significantly in recent years. Away from rigidhierarchical and fact-driven communication.

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Towards collaborative and democratic communication. Just as social mia platforms have become the standard in external communicationthe question Tongliao Phone Number List arises as to how internal communication can follow these requirements.. For more than yearscompanies have increasingly reli on classic intranet solutions to structure communication within the company and to provide information. These intranet solutions are often misus for a quick and easy answer to employees’ complaints about too little information Just look on the intranet. Unfortunatelymost intranet sites are not very user-centric and do not correspond to the modern look & feel. In other words Nobody wants.

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To deal with it more than necessary . The intranet is the first step in digitization bulletin board in digital. The second step includes more exchangeinteraction KY Lists and communication. The opportunity for modern and thus digital internal communication . can be realiz with tools such as Microsoft Teams. Implementation of social enterprise software When implementing such toolshoweverit is not enough to book a cloud solutionbut rather the question arises to what extent such a software platform can and should change the communication structures in the company. Accordinglyit makes sense to survey the communication nes in teams and departments as well as in the entire company. In this waya sensible strategy can be.

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