Sales potential is tapp. A suitable product strategy thus forms the basis for entrepreneurial success and growth. Print mailing – sustainable instead of outdat! Despite the increasing focus on web-bas advertising measures print mailing is  communication today and it has by no means lost its raison d’être. Nowadays products and services are primarily promot online and potential and existing customers are inundat with a daily wave of newsletters and other email notifications. Classic print mailing is therefore all too often underestimat by many companies and label as an outdat measure. However it offers decisive.

Still an important means of advertising

Advantages over online advertising concepts. The effect of modern digital advertising can be increas through the target use of print mailingbe add. This Ghana Phone Number List can favor important synergy effects for the optimization of advertising strategies.  A risk that exists when focusing on online advertising communication is the recipients’ declining attention. For example an e-mail is often not even open or only read inattentively when it becomes clear that it is an advertising measure. In particular due to the large number of advertising.

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Mix concepts instead of extremes

Contacts on the Internet many customers giv e up very quickly when they receive an e-mail with advertising content and often move it straight KY Lists  to the spam folder. The recipient on the other hand has to actively open a letter which means he pays more attention to it than one of a hundr emails in the digital mailbox.  advantages but also disadvantages. A mixture of digital and analog communication is therefore worthwhile – especially since online and offline can be optimally link. Contact them digitally and lure them with print mailings A well thought-out communication concept is essential in order to successfully address customers today despite the lack.

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