Follow the additional qualification as a consultant for corporate succession (DStV eV). Since Thomas Bartsch has manag thein the Hanseatic city of Lück. The team now consists of employees. Thomas Bartsch has also en in  for a long time. sentationnot your presentation for PowerPoint. ConclusionSuccessful agile project management with Scrum . / – ( votes) Would you like to introduce agile project management in your company  Are you looking for a suitable method Or have you already heard of Scrum but not yet have a clear idea of ​​it Find out how Scrum works and how you can use it to lead your project safely to its goal. What is Scrum Scrum is an agile method of teamwork.

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The team memrs work together independently according to defin rules and gradually coordinate their work results with each other in short periods of Panama Phone Number List time. This allows you to focus on fast implementation and dynamic processes.  of your project by breaking it repetitive work processes until the project goal is achiev. Essential parts of the project requirements and possible solutions remain delirately unclear at the ginning. Instead of using rigid and detail specificationsthe Scrum team works in so-call sprints according to the principle of transparencycomparison and adjustment. For which projects is the method suitable Scrum originally came from the field of agile software development.

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It is therefore obvious that the tool is particularly suitable for the development of innovative products or services. Especially if you don’t know exactly what and KY Lists how something should come out in the end. In principlehoweverthis method also enables you to tackle other project tasks. Three terms are in focus: rolesartifacts and events. Roles differentiate the individual functions of the team memrs. Support artifacts to document requirements and work products. In Scrumthe team meets at regular intervals. It plans the project stepsdiscusses tasks that still ne to  process or complet In retrospectthe team.

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