System works on the company premises and to what extent biometric data is collect. Accountability and Accountability. hind this lies the obligation to comply with what has en written down in the GDPR. The fact that a company is working legally orrectly here must transparently proven. In addition industry-specific issues must consider such as company vehicles that can localiz via GPS tracking . Craftsmen with a small fleet have to face these issues just as much as large logistics companies. Customer data arise both in the craft business and in a supply chain in which the order goes through several hands. And even in the healthcare sector there is personal data that can.

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Document on customer cards and must protect. In addition IT service providers have the task of ensuring secure data management – and this gins Mobile Phone Number Lists with the archiving and storage of data and does not end with hardware and software networks and IT systems. ePV New challenges are already on the agenda A look at the graphic from the Economy BVDW shows that the ePrivacy RegulationePV is a topic that has en a concern in the past and will continue to a concern in the years to come. The original plan was to have a common position on ePrivacy by the end of in order to aim for the new ePV to come into force in . In essence it is about what the operators of websites have to consider i.e.: Anyone who operates a homepage must ask for.

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Permission from those who access the site. What sounds simple means for a data protection officer that he not only has to keep an eye on the  has to set KY Lists up and check the implementation in accordance with the law so that operations in the important online area are on legally sound footing. There is no question that the ePV is coming cause it does not focus on all personal data like the GDPR but on data that is collect from the user in the course of internet use. The decisive factor is who will take care of the legally compliant implementation in the company the employee who is already.

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