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Director of the German Institute for Marketing you will get a compact all-round view of the topics of online marketing. Here is the webinar! With the webinar Basic Knowlge  this year’s nationwide distance learning day of the Association for Distance Learning and Learning Mia eV! The webinar will take place on Friday March at a.m. NOTE A maximum of participants Cultural change in the company – Interview with Klaus Eckrich In his book Cultural Change in the Company The Hidden Management Discipline Klaus Eckrich deals with the management concept of cultural change. We were allow to ask the author a few questions.

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On the subject Klaus Eck rich – Author Cultural change in the companyMr. Eckrich why is a corporate culture also important for mium-siz companies Belize Phone Number List The concept of corporate culture is currently experiencing its publicity- to the accumulation of scandalous management practices in large companies. Last but not least because diagnos lack of corporate culture and rotten management culture are directly associat with losses in the billions for shareholders of companies (eg at VW Deutsche Bank Thyssen Krupp). For mium-siz companies on the other hand the increasing importance of the culture concept results from completely through reaches its limits. The shirt.

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Sleev pack-on that is typical of mium-siz companies is becoming increasingly ineffective. Because as soon as rapid company growth goes hand in hand KY Lists with an increase in staff the following can be observ The personal contact with all employees which is so characteristic of small companies is replac by the development of more impersonal management structures. Culture comes into play when management and managers realize that they ne a common uniform understanding of leadership when dealing with the growing number of employees. Those responsible find that in larger organizational units employees lose the overview of the whole. The clarity of tasks and responsibilities suffers. The ne for more information.

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