Internet and thus online marketing have play an increasingly important role. Nowadays , online marketing can  consider a separate sub-area of ​​marketing due to its complexity. The end customer spends a large part of the day on the  and social mia have develop into advertising spaces. With the increasingly important role of the Internet, corporate communication is also shifting to the online area, which means that campaigns have to  rethought and structur. The online marketing framework offers an overview of tools and elements of online marketing : Online Marketing Framework The Online Marketing Framework.

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Although the internet presence of companies. Is constantly increasing, the classic advertising tools such as out-of-home or TV advertising are not completely Malaysia Phone Number List losing their importance. Many industries rely on a variation of online and mix and are therefore present everywhere for their customers. The most important instruments of classic advertising include: sales promotion public relations personal communication Online Marketing Manager Do you want to learn more about online marketing? come an online marketing manager with us. In modules you will learn all the relevant elements and tools of online marketing. Get fit in the areas of , SEA, social mia management and email marketing Online Marketing Manager.

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Offline advertising in their marketing

Price  price and condition policy The price and conditions policy includes the determination of the pricing strategy as well as the  prices and conditions that KY Lists customers have to pay for the respective product. There are different ways of setting prices. A distinction is made tween: determination of prices price adjustments One-time occasions Pricing should  systematically anchor in companies in order to generate the greatest possible profits. There are three dimensions to strategic pricing: demand & customer nefit, competitors and costs. Customer-orient pricing is bas on the question of what the customer is willing to pay.

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