To stay away from classes and lectures in order to demonstrate publicly against the current climate policy. They plead for an immiate rethink and demand efficient climate protection measures. Greta Effect Fridays-For-Future Greta Effect: As a direct result of the Greta Effect people especially adolescents and young adults develop a strong awareness of their previous havior and its impact on our environment. of the Fridays For Future protests is to draw attention to the climate consequences of our havior. A long-term climate debate on the subject of environmental protection flar up.

The primary concern of the supporters

The generations living today manage the future of the younger generations for whom in their eyes far too little is ing done. They complain about the Taiwan Phone Number List much too high CO -Emission caus by the nations. That is why the Demonstrators are accusing the current political situation on the subject of climate and want to make those responsible responsible for finally lieving the scientific figures and recognizing the seriousness of the situation. Greta Thunrg is also an integral part of social networks and mia. A snapshot More than half of Germans are interest in the topic of sustainability.

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The Fridays For Future Movement

A third have grappl with it recently. This fact is certainly also due to the fact that the mia is using the Greta effecthave long understood as a relevant KY Lists and serious topic. Every second German would also like to do more for the environment in general but so far the high costs have mostly deterr them from taking action. Furthermore one is often confront with a lack of availability of corresponding products. Almost three quarters of the German population are buying more environmentally friendly products than five years ago. Many people plan to switch more and more to environmentally friendly products in the next five years. Half of them are willing to dig deeper into their wallets. The demand for climate-friendly products and their manufacture is therefore definitely given and seems to establishing a long-term ne in.

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