Event of short-term liquidity bottlenecks this key figure is important and depends on the provider’s situational liquidity nes  . ABC analysis The following representation separates the three customer groups A B and C customers. Above-average sales characterize A customers. With this customer group a high marketing effort is worthwhile. However C customers with low turnover should not  neglect. However the effort can  less. Since A-customers make up the smallest part of the total numr of customers it is possible to focus on this part in particular. Promotions such as exclusive or discount offers invitations to events or.

Life time Value future customer potential

Personal contacts are worthwhile for stronger customer loyalty. ABC analysis . Customer Lifetime Value CLV With the Customer is also taken into account. The Hong Kong Phone Numbers List total duration of the business relationship is estimat and the corresponding total sales generat by the customer are calculat. This numr represents the customer value. The customer lifetime value is us to evaluate long-term business relationships but can vary greatly even within the same industry. . Scoring Models Scoring models also include non-monetary factors in the analysis. The customer retention potential is the only element that is not includ. scoring model knock-out criteria The most important monetary elements of customer value are made up of sales and the contribution margin. Only customers who exce a certain value for both sizes are.

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Important criterion and accounts 

Includ in the scoring model The figure shows a section of a scoring model. The standard situation is assum with the r numrs showing chang framework KY Lists conditions. standard situation In the figure the contribution margin is the most r % of the total customer value . Sales are less informative than the contribution margin and are therefore weight at %. Of the non-monetary components of the customer value the reference potential is weight the most since it has the greatest importance of the non-monetary elements of the customer value in the figure The list scale evaluates.

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