Lead Briefly present them in an overview so that the customer knows who exactly will accompany them through the workshop. cover letter has top priority. Show your customer exactly what the customer workshop will be about and what the result should be at the end of the event. Then give him a clear insight into the process and the key questions of the customer workshop . Provide information on the general procure of the workshop. Will there be more group discussions Which techniques will be us Will there be other participants If so who will they be Prepare your customer as well as possible for your customer workshop by providing.

A clear definition of the goal in the

Detail information Your customers want to know exactly what to expect and what add value they will leave the workshop with. are correct in advance. At Turkey Phone Number List the end please refer to your contact details and direct contact persons for any queries or to clarify other ambiguities. glance: checklist for preparation Do a thorough cost calculation Thorough preparation is essential Define your goal precisely Which customers should participate Appoint a moderator What materials/techniques are requir Plan the course of your workshop Create a communicable agenda Invite your desir customers.

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Provide a neutral workspace so employees can follow their immiate intuitions without bias Agree on the framework conditions and structure a guideline KY Lists Eliminate false expectations with a clear goal definition so that each participant knows what the customer workshop is about Implementation of the customer workshop: Creativity leads to innovation At the beginning of the customer workshop limit yourself to a short introduction. A lengthy round of introductions is not necessary. That only disrupts the creative flow that is suppos to unfold in the participants. A moderator guides you through the customer workshop where your own employees and customers develop new ideas together. The participants favor their best ideas.

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