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Omnipresent today. In the following we present promising marketing jobs and show which tasks go hand in hand with these professions. Marketing Academy Marketing Jobs of the Future # Product Manager (Internet of Things with third parties.  of conclusions can be drawn about you as a person. Transcreation – global marketing Transcreation is very trendy in international marketing. But what is behind the concept Is it a top service or much ado about nothing And how promising is this type of creative translation Questions that in any case encourage you to deal with the topic in more detail. transcreation What is transcreation The term transcreation is us in the translation.

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Of texts suitable for advertising into another language. However the pun of translation and creation does not describe an ordinary word-for-word translation Mobile Phone Number Lists of advertising material. Transcreation is the creative translation of an advertising text into another language taking linguistic cultural and geographical factors into account . That is why one speaks here of an intercultural adaptation of the text to the target country. Adapting the text to the intercultural context is much more complex and can differ significantly from the original text. In many cases the image material is.

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Also adapt A transcreation therefore requires a high degree of creativity intercultural and linguistic competence as well as experience in translation KY Lists and creative advertising texts. What is the goal of transcreation The focus of transcreation is to adapt the promotional materials to the specific expectations and nes of the target market. In order to reach and inspire customers a translation is not always enough. The aim is to create a text with an effective advertising message that evokes the same effects and emotions abroad as the original campaign. What is the significance of transcreation for intercultural advertising communication The following applies: a successful advertising campaign.

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