Other This takes longer but provides more accurate results. Formulate your assumptions as precisely as possible with which you suspect causal relationships. To do this define target values ​​and determine suitable key figures.  results. Check both your hypotheses and the performance of your websites continuously and at regular intervals. In addition to changes in markets and customer expectations the Google algorithm is also constantly ing updat. Example bounce rate Often the bounce rate is in the foreground. A high bounce rate could  due to poor usability design structure technology or your content.

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Your conversion optimization could now gradually aim to keep website visitors longer on your website lower the bounce rate. On the one hand this increases Dubai Phone Number List the likelihood that users will carry out desir actions in the course of the website journey.  rate has positive effects on the  ranking of your website. Example online shop The conversion optimization directly in the online shop can provide information comparatively quickly. Many users in the shop who only buy a few this could  an indication of an insufficient call to action call to action. Perhaps there is also a problem with the product descriptions or the product images. 

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Testing here If your focus is on shopping cart abandoners check the payment options offer. If necessary add a trust signetor see how clearly the KY Lists ordering process order products prices terms of delivery etc. is display.  is the goal Finally  if you want to tackle conversion optimization  consider the following points There are a variety of reasons for not enough traffic not enough sales or not enough website promotions. Depending on the industry or business model conversion rates of two percent are already very good. In other sectors a CR of percent may still have room for improvement. Identify and analyze the st converting segments. Put your focus initially on this and get the most out of your tailor-made.

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