Course not a problem for us. Contentar Challenge Day May  The second day gins. What are the rankings doing what are the competitors doing We are already very excit. A first check at XOVI. Aha! Our first rudimentary contribution has already made it into the rankings. st place for the keyword Contentbär isn’t exactly a hit but our strategy is more gear towards long-term ranking and not a quick shot. Go oncontentbär – Xovi Ranking – – Contentar Challenge Day May  Day three of the Contentbär competition Of course we are.

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The first good rankings are available. contentbär – milatec – xovi as of – – XOVI throws us th place out. OK! There is still some room for improvement but Switzerland Phone Numbers List the first steps have en taken. Our ICON for the competition is also ready and our.  May  Father’s Day! We actually want to take things a little easier today. But what a surprise. With a relax coffee on the sun terrace XOVI knocks us out in second place. Right hind Wikipia. YES But don’t rejoice too soon the other s are definitely just getting warm up now. Therefore first organize two or three backlinks and then you can start the day relax.

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Challenge Day May  The fourth day of the competition has gun. The content ar creates his first Instagram post and introduces himself there.  see KY Lists that we’re holding onto  . That’s how you like to go into the weekend! XOVI content ar milaTEC Contentar Challenge Day May  Apparently the others are slowly getting start too. We’re slipping slightly and are currently in th place. That will certainly  an exciting race over the next few weeks. We have already creat a board on Pinterest and upload the first pictures. More backlinks are already set. From next week we will also  adding some content on the subject of.

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