Relationship maintenance strategy There are different strategies depending on the situation. When launching a new brand the publicity strategy is us to make customers aware of the innovation. If the pure information supply of facts or similar is in the foreground the information strategy is us. The image profiling strategy is a very emotional a positive image of the brand among consumers. In the competitive differentiation strategythe focus is on the strengths of the brand and the differentiation from relevant competitors.

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If a company aims to exhaust the existing target group or to address a new target group the target group development strategy is pursu. This target group Kazakhstan Phone Number List is then specifically address in the advertising campaign and a clear nefit is when the company wants to gain a target group for its own activities. This can a sponsor for an event for example. Customer loyalty is the focus of the relationship maintenance strategy . This strategy of brand communication takes place on a personal level and is intend to build trust. Communication policy tools Brand communication tools The company has a numr of different communication tools to choose from for brand communication . When making your choice the main things to consider.

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The contact initiation strategy is

Are the accessibility of the target group and the desir communication goal which was previously defin. Classic print advertising One of the most KY Lists important tools for brand communication is classic print advertising in newspapers magazines or other print mia.  low cost both comprehensively and specifically for specific target groupse.g. specialist magazines. TV commercial Another frequently us tool for brand communication is television advertising. Due to the advantages of rapid distribution and high reach the tool is primarily us to promote image and increase brand awareness. Equally however high scattering losses have to accept. Online Advertising Online advertising is an instrument that.

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