Phases The following is how each phase is defin Awareness Awareness refers to awareness of your product or company. In this first phase the aim is to generate attention. Interest Once you have attract attention the second phase follows with interest. In this you ensure that you arouse the interest of potential customers.  consideration is a bit more precise. In this phase interest is consolidat and the customer already has certain products in mind that he is very interest in. Intent The marketing funnel is one step further in the.

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Intent phase This is where your customer’s intent to buy comes into play. The mere interest in the products turns into the decision to purchase one Find Your Phone Number List or more of them. Evaluation Shortly fore the actual purchase is complet the evaluation takes place. This is about the detail analysis of the customer with the products. product corresponds to their own ideas. Purchase The final phase in the marketing funnel is the purchase phase. In other words the phase in which the customer finally concludes the purchase. Marketing funnels Which marketing measures are us in which phase Each individual phase in the marketing funnel has its own mission . It should either arouse the interest of the customer provide them with more detail information.

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Or ensure that the purchase is complet. The great art lies in using the right (online) marketing measures in the right phases of the funnel  low you can see KY Lists which approaches are suitable. By the way All measures in the different phases have one thing in common.  your target group. awareness and interest phase Identical measures are us in the awareness and interest phase. However you are not limit to just a few measures. Here you can let your creativity run free. Rememr at this stage you want to draw attention while also capturing the interest of potential customers. Outdoor advertising in cities or public transport for example can  well suit to these goals. You can also organize your own events draw.

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